I know it has been some time…

Hello Friends,

I know it has been wayy longer than I had anticipated in terms of posting. My valid reason for my absence – finals (which are now over)- has become illegitimate by my pending laziness…But I deserve to be a little lazy after that whirlwind of a semester. But Alhamdulillah – all praises are due to God.

Travel Update: My flights have been booked!! I received my flight to DC via email last night aH. I will be off to DC on May 28th, and soon after that out of the country and into the Gulf. I am super stoked!! I had to take my computer to PeachMac on Sunday because my trackpad went insane. I am glad it was fixable (because a broken trackpad can make someone want to slam their beloved computer against the wall), and the fix time did not cut close to my departure time.

I am currently reading Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea in preparation to my visit to KSA iA. I will soon write a review of the book. Though I am maybe a third of the way through, it is slowly growing on me. At first, I thought it was an immature chick-based petty drama novel (like those of Lisi Harrison and her series called “The Clique”), but I am starting to think it is waayy more than that. Alsanea somewhat reminds me of Jane Austen. But that has yet to be fully determined until I complete the novel and do more research on her, her writing styles, and her intent.

Stay Tuned All,



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