Travel Update

I received an email Tuesday with a pre-depature packet, which was a whopping 28 pages of pure excitement and joy. I have printed out all that I will be needing for my year abroad, insurance paperwork, confirmation of payments, etc.

I leave Palestine June 13 for Brussels. Then from Brussels, I will be in Morocco!! <3. I land in Casablanca but I will be living in Rabat, a 1.5 hour ride away. Classes start June 17. Three days to explore Morocco  until hitting those Arabic textbooks.

I only have 3 more days in Atlanta. I still have a TON of shopping to do. Getting ready to go out with my mommy to shop for everything from skirts and blouses to Clorox Wipes and my contact lenses.

Edit @ 10:06pm- I just came back from shopping. It was loonggg guys. Usually, I love shopping. I am a certainly enjoying myself with my mom going from many different stores all over town, but there is still SO much to buy! So much to pack. I have a master packing/shopping list that just keeps getting longer by the day. I need to savor my last days in Atlanta more!


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