Living Abroad has toughened my skin….or rather my stomach

One year ago…I was in Egypt. Its a typically summer day. I had gone to the juice bar right across from my workplace. I ordered my typical orange juice. I loved it because of its fresh pulpy goodness. When I got back to the office, I started to drink my lovely healthy concoction. I happened to look down and I saw little white “friends” swimming in my fruity freshness. I literally started to scream. I was gagging. You guys know me! I can get a tad bit dramatic.I went into the bathroom and started to gag even more. I was in utter shock. How many maggots did I consume!? I then preceded to call my mom in the states. She did not pick up. So I preceded to call my brother, the science-y one in the family. My questions to him were as follows: will I die, will I get stick, will I keel over? The answer was no. THANK GOD. After a bit of hoopla explaining to my co-workers my surprise, I calmed down.

Fast-forward to earlier this week. I was buying grits, (yum). I was actually on the hunt for grits since I had some for breakfast here in morocco (my arabic school serves free breakfast). So that was my indication that they exist here. But I didnt know what they were called. So I was in the market yesterday, and I kept describing to people what grits were. “You cook them on top of the stove (duh), they are white, you add butter and salt to them….” Then I finally found a guy who had an idea of what I was talking about. He did not have it in his store, but he lead me to another store about 30 seconds away. But because it was around 10:30pm, it was super dark. The area where he led me to was not lit at all. So I tried to stay behind where the light was, but when he turned to see that I was not following – he edged me forward to come along with him. So I did…..there we found some what of a warehouse— of GRITS and rice, beans, you name it. But there are huge bags of the stuff just waiting to be scooped out of, you just take what you need in a smaller bag. But I got a bit to last maybe the week – or a bit longer. But then he made the calculations on the scale, and the price was 34 dirhams – 4 dollars. My eyes just about popped out of my head. When I contested the price, he consulted the owner of the warehouse who said the price was 5 dirhams 50 cents roughly). –which is still a bit much. Anyways, when I got home to make the grits, they cooked SO FAST. I added a ton of butter a salt and cheese (of course), and man did I grub on….until I found a worm in my bowl. Of course knowing me, I did put up a drama fit. I gasped a couple of times. But you know what? I took my spoon, fished it out, and threw it away. AND I CONTINUED EATING FROM THE BOWL. Living abroad has taught me many things. But one thing is – if you see worms in your food. You still gotta keep it moving!!!

Thus, the story of how my skin….I mean my stomach have been hardened. šŸ™‚


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