Up and at ’em – Update & Remark on ‘Somewhere in America’ #Mipsterz

Salaams all,
Apologies for not being around so much lately. I am currently doing research here in Morocco on virginity. Here is a little teaser from my research paper…

“I sat in my Advanced Arabic class with my jaw grazing the floor; needless to say, my teacher’s melodic Arabic words completely shocked me. I had no idea such a device existed – an industrial hymen. This vaginal insert gains it’s infamous reputation because it mimics the anatomical hymen found in the female body. As Aasia, my teacher, continued to explain, this device can be inserted in a non-virgin on her wedding night, and as her husband penetrates her, the device releases synthetic blood due to the pressure. One can trace this product’s origins to Japan and China, and it has gained popularity in conservative societies in the Middle East and North Africa, particularly in Morocco. Knowledge of this industrial hymen led me to question the importance of virginity, particularly in Moroccan culture and what a lack-there-of means for many Moroccans. Further questions like: to what extent are women going to to cover up premarital sexual experiences – consensual and non consensual, are there different expectations when it comes to maintaining virginity for males and females, how is globalization affecting perceptions of virginity, and what happens if virginity is taken by force through rape. I will tackle these important questions throughout this paper, and I do so with the goal of understanding virginity within the Moroccan context.”


I am going to weigh in on the “Somewhere in America” video produced by the #Mipsterz in a simplified way:

Was the video dope? Yes

Is it problematic? Yes

Are the women in the video part-time Muslims? No

Do people have the right to make such accusations? No

Are certain “critiques” really ad hominem attacks? Absolutely

Are some of the critiques valid? YES.

Do we need to address the questions that have arisen because of this video as a community? YES!

Are the answers to these simple yet important questions obvious? YES, but for some strange reason I still feel like it needs to be said…
I see both sides of the argument (one that claims the video is an expression of art, hipness, and a unique Americanness with a Muslim flare AND the claim that the video is a form of modern, self imposed objectification). I am personally still conflicted as to what the video means to me, but hey, that’s why we share ideas.

For those not aware it seems like everyone and their mama has an opinion on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3Nq0NzRrfE.  <- clean version.
Here are some responses that I may or may not agree with: