Mabrook we have a constitution!!

Yesterday the ANC ratifed the Tunisian constitution with over the 2/3 necessary vote. Out of 216 deputies 200 ratified!!

This is a great victory in comparison to where other Arab Spring countries are…Egypt, Syria, Bahrain case and point. (Unfortunately)

Though some members of Islamist parties are not as hopeful. Some equated the new constitution to that as a still born birth.

Nevertheless, there are street parties, to which I was in attendance! They were filled with religious slogans like “al muslim la yastaslim” (the muslim does not give up/ retreat), there were nationalist songs which talked about the sun rising on the new county, and there were also traditional Arabic songs beginning with the typical mallal “yaaa baaaay”. It was amazing, I loved it!!!! (I was even temped to by a Tunisian flag, but my disdain for nationalism didn’t yastaslim thaaat much) But most importantly, the Palestinian flag was waving right by the Tunisian one.

Chick out the pictures





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