Why LaKeisha is Not a Ghetto Name

Beautiful analysis

I saw a post on my Tumblr feed that really bothered me today:

I have been just as guilty as this gentlemen in the past, making fun of some of the seemingly ridiculous names I have heard and thanking God that my parents chose something non-indicative of my race. But this time it made me think – what’s in a name? We don’t hear people calling Oprah ghetto and her name is perhaps one of the most unique I have ever heard. Are black women adding “la’s” and “nae’s” to their children’s names to make them sound fancier, or is there something hidden their that we have forgotten through the years?

When our African-American  ancestors were removed from their native land, the men who forcibly enslaved them found it too difficult to pronounce and remember the beauty and complexity of their birth names. They stripped them of their names, among…

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